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About us

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A Streetwise Tree Surgeon working in West Bridgford. In hi-viz t-shirt holds onto a thick tree branch. He is safely attached to the tree via a pulley and he wears an orange helmet with a black visor on his head.

35 years of experience

We have over 35 years of experience caring for the borough of Rushcliffe and Nottinghamshire

With a wealth of public and private sector experience we are proud to be owned by Rushcliffe Borough Council.

We are passionate about the services we provide and the areas we care for.

Taking care of our Environment

Streetwise Environmental Ltd recognises the effect of its operations on the environment and the influence it can have on the community through its actions. It undertakes to promote an environment compatible with healthy, balanced life styles where the whole community plays its part in environmental protection and improvement.

As an ISO 14001 accredited company, our aim is to:

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Exceed requirements

Ensuring that our operations meet or exceed all statutory environmental requirements.

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Be environmentally aware

Encouraging others in the community to reduce their negative impact on the environment through information, education and publicity.

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Strive for better

Carrying out periodic reviews of its own policies and actions and seeking continual improvement.

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Keep up to date

Carrying out periodic reviews of its own policies and actions and seeking continual improvement.

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Provide high quality work

Striving to provide, the highest quality and most efficient services possible as appropriate.

A Streetwise operative is litter picking in Rushcliffe. He is holding a black bin bag. He is picking up litter with a litter picker in his right hand.

Waste Management

Waste Management

We are licensed to collect and carry waste.

We ethically dispose of the waste collected and were ever possible recycle.

Waste generated from our tree work is chipped and recycled. Brash and green waste is recycled; we value the importance of being environmentally friendly. We ensure that any cardboard, paper and plastics waste generated by our depots is separated and recycled wherever possible.

A Streetwise Environmental van with yellow and red stripes on the back doors is shown connected to a small trailer which contains a stump grinder for the safe removal of tree stumps..

Vehicle tracking system

Vehicle tracking system

All our vehicles are equipped with a web-based tracking system to ensure economical, efficient and safe traveling to and from customer sites.

Our Values

Our promise to our customers and stakeholders. Statements that we live and breathe by.

  • To take pride in our work and the areas we look after
  • To put the customer at the heart of everything we do
  • To be a socially responsible employer
  • To be trustworthy, reliable, adaptive and responsive
  • To make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work
  • To be environmentally friendly in the way we work and support our clients in the achievement of their environmental initiatives

Why choose Streetwise

  • We care – we put customers at the heart of everything we do.
  • We have over 35 years of experience and are proud of our heritage and partnership with Rushcliffe Borough Council.
  • We offer a great service at a competitive price.
  • We have a fantastic professional team who take pride in their work.
  • We have strong social values and aim to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work. We support lots of community schemes helping to make a difference to their environment.
  • We are environmentally friendly and are proud to have ISO14001 Environmental Management.
  • Our methods of working are externally checked.
An environment ISO 14001 certified label

ISO14001 Certified

A quality ISO 9001 certified label

ISO9001 Certified

A CHAS accredited contract label

CHAS Accredited Contractor

A considerate constructors label

Considerate Constructors

A construction line Gold Member approved label

Constructionline Gold Member

Our Testimonials
“We have been pleased with their service and also value their support on social projects and schemes which support the local community”
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Councillor Debbie Mason
A small ornate pavillion in Bingham. Stands in the middle of a pavement with a small tree situated to the left of it . It has a pointed roof and grey panels.