Blooming Bridgford

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Streetwise Flower Display in West Bridgford hero-texture
Streetwise tower flower display in West Bridgford

West Bridgford in Bloom

It is that time of year where our flower displays add a flourish of colour to West Bridgford. This year, in partnership with Rushcliffe Borough Council, we have selected a rainbow of colours to pay tribute and thanks to the key workers who have supported all of us through the last year. Our displays can be found on Central Avenue, the War Memorial, Melton Road, Bridgford Park and West Park.

Streetwise flower display Central Avenue, West Bridgford

West Bridgford in Bloom

Streetwise Executive Manager Sue Harvey added: “We are once again delighted to bring a rainbow of colour to West Bridgford with our flower displays and we are looking forward to some warm sunny days so shoppers and visitors to the parks can enjoy them at their best.”

For those interested our displays include:
• Red Geranium
• Lilac Ivy leaf Geranium
• Orange Begonia Illumination
• Yellow, Red, Blue and Sky Blue Surfinia
• Lysimachia Nummularia Aurea
• Biddens
• Blue Salvia Mystic Spires

Streetwise Rainbow flower display for Nottinghamshire County Council

County Hall, Nottinghamshire County Council

We are also delighted to have worked with Nottinghamshire County Council to provide a colourful rainbow display in the beds outside of County Hall.