A cross section of a tree trunk
Two men dressed in hi-vis clothing and wearing a red helmet and a blue helmet are working. One man stand far back watching the other man using a saw to cut through a fallen tree trunk. Saw dust sprays to the left side of the picture. hero-texture

Our tree surgeons love working with and taking care of trees. Our teams are professionally qualified, registered and insured. We offer a comprehensive range of services including:

Service card – 24 hour emergency response


24 Hour Emergency Response

Service card – Formative care of young trees, including watering and inspection programmes


Formative Care of Young Trees (including watering and inspection programmes)

Service card – Eco plugs


Eco Plugs

Service card – Stump grinding


Stump Grinding

Service card – Epicormic growth removal


Epicormic Growth Removal

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Service card – Crowd Thinning


Crown Thinning

Streetwise undertaking tree works in Nottinghamshire


Crown Lifting

Service card – Felling – section and seasonal


Felling – Section and Seasonal

Tree planting 2 (2)


Tree Planting

Service card – Tree Preservation Order


Tree Preservation Order (TPO) Checking and Planning

Service card – Tree surveys and advice


Tree Surveys and Advice

Health and Safety

Tree brash and green waste produced from the work is recycled.

Health and safety is paramount to us:

  • Our team is qualified
  • Our kit is regularly externally tested and certified
  • As you would expect we have risk assessments, method statements and safe working systems in place. Sites are often inspected prior to work commencing. Dynamic risk assessments are undertaken to ensure that the work is undertaken with a minimum risk of harm to persons and property
  • Pedestrian and traffic management is put in place where required.

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