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A cross section of a tree trunk
An apartment building facing onto a grassy playground containing wooden equipment and games. The sky is blue with white clouds and the low boughs of a tree cover the top of the photograph hero-texture

We provide grounds maintenance and commercial cleaning services to Housing associations and local authority housing. Our client liaison team provides you with a single point of contact to ensure the contract runs smoothly. We provide schedules of work (timetable) so our clients know what we are doing and when. We provide daily/weekly updates of progress to enable you to effectively answer any tenant enquiries. We can offer a wide range of services including:

Streetwise chewing gum removal service


Chewing Gum Removal

The image shows a grassy field with trees in the background. In the foreground, a man is driving a ride on lawn mower across the grass.


Grounds Maintenance

Service card – Bin emptying and litter picking


Bin Emptying and Litter Picking

The image shows the side of a white house with a silver gutter on the edge of the roof, there is green foliage covering two of the windows of the house and pink and white roses growing from the green foliage. There is a textured wooden background underneath this image creating an overlap effect.


Gutter Clearance

Service card – Void clearance


Void clearance

Service card – Fencing



Service card – Window cleaning


Window Cleaning

Service card – Communal area cleaning


Communal Area Cleansing

Service card – Play area inspections and repair


Play Area Inspections and Repair

A close up of an electric saw vutting through a thin tree trunk, wood shavings are flying into the air.


Tree Services

Service card – graffiti removal


Graffiti removal

Service card – Landscaping



Service card – Fly tipping


Fly Tip Removal

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Susan Harvey, Streetwise Business Development Manager. The picture shows a lady with dark hair tied up, wearing a yellow coat with a flowery yellow scarf.
Susan Harvey

Business Development Manager